art to inhabit spaces

Collection two/18

Let's sense beforehand the artwork belonging to the Collection TWO/18.
The search of new spaces, where the light, the function of the materials, the game of encounters, colours and forms of the languages of volumes, form their essence

Obra 1
Obra 2

The collection

The process

Holding a pencil, with rapid gesture from the note to the paper, on the wall, on the board.
From the project to the workshop, to the final work. This way has been the activity of a professional interior designer, organizer of spaces and lights, intense, plentiful and extensive.

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Tress Art Gallery

Tress Art Gallery is a company whose objective is to produce and distribute Javier Alfaro's work, both in painting and in sculpture, and through all the possible means.

We count with a team of professional qualified collaborators inside the graphical world, communication and marketing, as well as playback.

Asimismo contacta y colabora con canales de representación y distribución dentro del sector del mueble y los complementos. Sus contactos dentro del mundo de las galerías, en donde es frecuente las exposiciones de obra seleccionada o nuevas colecciones.

Our intention is to take the art of gallery the greater public.

Tress Art Gallery