- Terms and conditions -

These terms and conditions of purchase (in forward the " General Conditions "), regulate the juridical relation that comes from the processes of purchase and sale realized by The user in the web page located in the url www.tressartgallery.com and the owner of the same one, TRESS ART GALLERY S.L with CIF: B71328645, I domicile in the Street Berroa19, 31192 Tajonar, Navarre. The user. He accepts the General Conditions from the instant that uses or contracts the service or acquires any product. This document can be printed and stored by the user. TRESS ART GALLERY puts to his disposition, the direction of e- mail info@tressartgallery.com, in order that it could raise any doubt of the user brings over of the General Conditions.



1.1. To be able to realize an order the user must be 18 years old and aptitude to contract. The user declares that the information and information that facilitates us are veracious and updated.

1.2. The user can realize the order across our on-line shop in www.tressartgallery.com. There will not be accepted asked to come from form different from previously indicated.

1.3. On having realized his order You are doing to us an offer of purchase of the products that You have selected in agreement with these General Conditions.

1.4. Once accepted his order, we will send a confirmation by e-mail where the number of order will consist also. The confirmation of order will be effective from his sending. If we cannot proceed with his order for any incident, we will put in touch with you by e-mail or telephone.

1.5. To realize an order across the web, it is necessary an access to Internet to connect to www.tressartgallery.com. It is necessary to register as user refilling the electronic form, before initiating the process of purchase. Once registered, it is possible to continue with the process of purchase of the product or products added to the basket or navigate the web to add new products in her.

1.6. Once registered and having all the products needed in the basket, the purchase is continued coming to the screen of selection of Forms of Payment, Methods of Sending and Modification (if it is necessary) of the information of turnover and / or sending.

1.7. Once realized the purchase and as rapid as possible, inside the reasonable thing, TRESS ART GALLERY will send to the clients an e-mail with the receipt of the order that will contain the summary of the purchase, as well as information of payment if it proceeds and information of sending and turnover.

1.8. TRESS ART GALLERY will send a receipt in physical support that will be received together with the order. This receipt will be issued addressed to the natural person or company that has realized the order, for what the clients will have to insure of realizing it with the correct name. The product or products will be sent according to the method of sending selected by the user.



2.1. We him will send the products selected in the confirmation of his order, in conformity with the present General Conditions.

2.2. The schedule of receipt of orders is twenty-four (24) hours three hundred sixty five (365 days of the year, though orders realized after fifteen o'clock will not be processed (15) hours, staying for the following working day in the Community of Navarre. The orders received during the weekend will be processed in the first hour of the following Monday or the first working day.


3.1. The price of the products does not include the corresponding I.V.A and it will be the one that is indicated in his order and / or invoice.

3.2. The I.V.A. to the applicable type indicated in his invoice, will be to his post. " Intracommunitarian acquisitions will be able to be effected addressed to company / professional you exempt from VAT slant of our on-line shop as long as his fiscal identification appears in the system VIES of the economic European community, by the user being able to be verified across the page. Http: // ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vieshome.do? Locale=es

3.3. The postage and handling, they are at the expense of the seller, as it will be indicated in his order and invoice.



4.1. The user can pay his products for the systems of payment that appear in the section forms of payment of our on-line shop.

4.2. Only we accept payments in Euros.

4.3. If the user pays with Credit card, it will have to provide the information of his card of credit in the moment to realize his order. Only we accept payments with sure cards in which there is effected authentication of his identity as holder of the card according to the method established by his bank, across the service of sure electronic commerce ("Verifiedby Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode").

4.4. If the user pays by means of transference / revenue in account, a request of payment will be sent by e-mail. His order neither will be reserved nor will send until we have received the payment in our bank account. Of not getting the payment for the complete amount in a period of seven (7) days of the date of his order, this one will be able to be cancelled. In any case, once it has proceeded to the payment for transfer or I join account, it will have to send us of immediate justifying form of the same one as well as his number of order to the following email address: info@tressartgallery.com. The sending of the voucher of transfer, it might improve the process, but in no case it would serve to validate it he does not even suppose any reservation.



5.1. We will send his order to the direction of sending that appears in his request of order.

5.2. We will send his order in the term of sending that appears in our web in the date of issue of his confirmation of order. If You have requested several products in the same order, we will be able to deliver them to him in different dates. You can cancel his order at any time before the sending of the same one sending an e-mail to info@tressartgallery.com indicating his number of order.

5.3. In the moment of the delivery of his order to the transporter, we will send confirmation of the sending to the email address that the buyer has facilitated on having realized the order. In the confirmation of sending we will indicate him the number of follow-up corresponding to his sending in order that the user could do the follow-up of the same one across the web of the transporter or across Post office, according to the form of sending that the buyer has selected.

5.4. The deliveries are realized, in the term from three (3) to five (5 working days in case of sending standard for company of transport for Peninsula and Balearics and from five (5) to seven (7 working days for the rest.

5.5. The ownership and the risk of loss of the products of the order will be penetrated on the order having been delivered him.

5.6. In case of sending to Canary Isles, Ceuta and Melilla, the expenses of customs office, as well as the payment of the local tax, will run always at the expense of the user. In the supposition that the user rejects the order in the moment of the delivery and this one is returned to TRESS ART GALLERY by the company of transport, will discount of the reimbursement of the purchase the customs expenses, local tax and caused postage and handling, as well as bank charges, if they were.



6.1. If the user is not satisfied by any of the products of his order, it will be able to exercise the right of desistimiento and to request the return, in a maximum term of fourteen (14) calendar days following the receipt of the order, to obtain the reimbursement of the amount del/los producto/s.

6.2. In order to be able to exercise the option to return an order / product, it will have to send an e-mail to info@tressartgallery.com, attaching the invoice number and the number of order, and including his information of contact, in order that we provide to him a number of return and instructions how it will have to return the order / product. It owes the user. To return the products of the order in mint condition, in opposite case the return will not be allowed.

6.3. In case of reimbursing the order, the full total will reimburse itself, including the postage and handling of the first sending.

6.4. In case of returns from the Canary Isles, Ceuta and Melilla, the postage and handling of the return, as well as the expenses of customs office and local taxes, if they were, will run always at the expense of the user.

6.5. Without concerning the right of desistimiento of the consumers not the responsibility of the guarantee for defective products, TRESS's total responsibility ART GALLERY for the supplied goods would remain limited to the amount of the same one.

6.6. When the product is defective of origin, it will have to send an e-mail to info@tressartgallery.com with the invoice number and explaining the fault. We will send an e-mail indicating him like to send the defective product to TRESS ART GALLERY. Once the defective received and verified product, we will send other one in exchange without any aftercost (I hold always to availability of the same one). In this case the change will be effected by the same article or reference. TRESS ART GALLERY will take charge of the freightages corresponding to the return and new sending.

6.7. When the goods, for mistake, do not correspond to that of the order, TRESS ART GALLERY will run with the expenses of withdrawal of the wrong goods and delivery of the correspondent to that of the realized order.

6.8. In case the order is a gift, TRESS ART GALLERY will change or reimburse the product if the return expires with the conditions described in the previous and following paragraphs.

6.9. The orders with withdrawal in shop and the offhand buyings in the point of withdrawal have a term of desistimiento (return and / or change) of fourteen (14) calendar day from the delivery date.

6.10. In case of return, the reimbursement of the full amounts will be effected across the mean of payment that it used in the purchase.

6.11. TRESS ART GALLERY will not return the amount or will realize no remand of goods while there has not happened the receipt and condition of packing and of the product I object of the return. The amount to return is the one that originally was appearing in the order, including the postage and handling of the first sending.



7.1. All the products that it can buy in www.tressartgallery.com have a legal guarantee of two (2) years. For companies and autonomous the above mentioned guarantee is one (1) year.

7.2. If after realizing the review of the product, no fault was detected or the problem was not covered by the guarantee, TRESS ART GALLERY will be able to claim the amount of the postage and handling of the processing, both of going and of return.

7.3. The costs of the sending for the processing of the guarantee remain covered inside the territories peninsular and insular Spain. Out of the above mentioned territories, he will be the user who will have to take charge of the above mentioned postage and handling both of going and of return.

7.4. In no case the guarantee covers any undue utilization of the work, his direct exhibition to the Sun.



The user can. To put in touch with us across:

•    - By post to TRESS ART GALLERY, Street Berroa, 19, 31192 Tajonar, Navarre, Spain.
•    - By e-mail to info@tressartgallery.com

On having put in touch with us in relation with an order that it has realized, it will have to indicate his number of order.



9.1. TRESS ART GALLERY saves himself the right to modify the commercial offer presented in the web www.tressartgallery.com (modification on products, prices, promotions and other commercial conditions and of service) at any time.

9.2. TRESS ART GALLERY puts all the reasonable means to his disposition to try that the information showed in his page of Internet is veracious and without misprints. If there was producing to himself some mistake of this type, foreign at all time to TRESS's will ART GALLERY, it would be corrected at once, so soon as be detected. If the mistake takes place in some of the showed prices and some client had realized a purchase, we will communicate to him the above mentioned mistake and the client or user will have right to annul his order without cost for your part.The sending of an automatic confirmation of purchase, it does not not validate the conditions of an erroneous price.

9.3. The information presented in this web is in Castilian (Spanish language), including the formalization of the contract and all the contractual information showed and sent to the consumers or users.



On having realized an order the user accepts that we could store, process and use information obtained of the form of his order to the effects of proceeding with his order. By means of the delivery of the email address or other personal information, requirement necessary for the processing of his order, the usuarioda his assent in order that the above mentioned directions are treated to such a end TRESS ART GALLERY declares that the Royal decree fulfills the in force regulation with regard to the protection of information, especially the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of protection of Information of Personal Character, 1720/2007 of December 21, which develops the mentioned organic law and and the European Regulation 2016/679. TRESS ART GALLERY puts disposition of the clients, the email address info@tressartgallery.com, in order that they could exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition guaranteed by the in force legislation. For more information about the politics of privacy, please, check our link of Politics of Privacy.



We will do everything possible for expiring with the obligations derived from his order. Nevertheless, we will not be responsible for delays or breach if the delay or breach perform due to major force. In case of delay, we will fulfill our obligations so soon as us be reasonably possible.



Any controversy arisen from the interpretation or enforcement of the agreement will be interpreted on the basis of the Spanish law. Likewise, for the resolution of any controversy, the parts, with resignation it expresses to any other jurisdiction that should correspond to him Pamplona, except in the supposition of which the user was acting as consumer, in whose case the competent courts will be the correspondents to the domicile of the user.



Si cualquier cláusula incluida en estas Condiciones Generales fuese declarada, total o parcialmente, nula o ineficaz, talnulidad o ineficacia afectará tan sólo a dicha disposición o a la parte de la misma que resulte nula o ineficaz, subsistiendo las Condiciones Generales en todo lo demás, teniéndose tal disposición, o la parte de la misma que resultase afectada, por no puesta.