- Work -

The subjective value, observer's value, opposite to the objective value of the unit, complexity and intensity of every creation.
In every work there are projected emotions, which are true. The forms and colours are means to come,indeed, closer to a concept of truth that of beauty. More to moral and intellectual values thanaesthetic

The syntax of geometric forms, in its two-dimensional and three-dimensional reading, together with the application of the colour, they form in structure of the language, which speech drives the sign and symbol.

"I passed through 300 projects and am beginning now. The maturity of a creative comes at the age of 50"

The process

The same process of the project is applied to the pictorial labour.
The note, the drawing, the revision, the test of the look.
From the inductive to the deductive.From the gesture to the correction.From the observation to the sensation.The passion and the work.The permanent seeking

Javier Alfaro Bernal



"is not a question of understanding, is a question of thrilling"











The search of new spaces, where the light, the function of the materials, the game of meetings, colours and forms of the languages of volumes, its passion, my load.
The look in the classic contemporary ones, Le Corbusier, La Bauhaus, the modern movement or the trends and artistic movements, have been and are the height that feeds me.
As well as from the creative justification of the project, up to the analysis and the critique of his accomplishment, they have been an intellectual exercise.

Palazuelo · Oteiza · Frank Stella · Peter Halley

Neutral Territory II
          Peter Helley, "Neutral Territory II", 2010
Virtus Marin I
Pablo Palazuelo, "Virtus Marin I", 1995
Naranja y Amarillo
Mark Rothko, "Naranja y Amarillo", 1956
Vir, Heroicus, Sublimis
                              Barnett Newman, "Vir, Heroicus, Sublimis", 1950